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FIOP is proud to showcase its member consultants. These are trusted experts in the field of industrial and organizational psychology and related areas. FIOP's listing does not indicate endorsement of any individual or firm. It does however let you see the expert help that is available to you and your organization. 

Our practitioners have been advising for decades, and we are proud to bring them here for you to see and connect with. Consultants are listed in random order.

Michael Chetta, Ph.D. | Talent Metrics Consulting | TalentMetrics.io | Phone: 407-720-6002 | mike@TalentMetrics.io

Very experienced with clients of all sizes across industries (including non-profit), focused on small to medium size businesses

Focus Areas: All areas: employee surveys, data analytics, selection/assessment, training, program evaluation, leadership development, exit surveys. 

Leslie A. Miller | drlesliemiller@gmail.com | Phone: 407-461-1016 | LanneM TM, LLC

Company Name: LanneM TM, LLC

Focus Areas: Employee selection, development, and measurement

Mary Jansen | Jansen Strategies, Inc. | mary@jansenstrategies.com | Phone: 602-510-0105

Executive Coaching, Organizational Change/Strategy Implementation, Leading through Paradox, Personality Type 

Website: jansenstrategies.com

Serving: Clients interested in making a qualitative shift in team performance; clients undergoing major change initiatives. Teams and individuals looking to accelerate their growth as leaders and leadership teams.

Other Information: 

Transformational change – individual and team. My expertise as a DE&I Strategist, Trainer, and Coach, Strategy Implementation Leader, Executive Coach, Executive Team Leadership and Development Coach, and Process Improvement Specialist comes from many years of experience as a C-level Coach and Strategy Consultant to Fortune 100 and Multi-national corporations. I combine years of experience in delivering strategic content, educating thousands of managers and hundreds of trainers, coaching dozens of C-level Executives and their teams, driving high-performing team collaboration at all levels, with a more holistic view of what it means to be a high performing leadership team. I teach teams how to embrace and transcend the inherent conflicts in strategy implementation and daily tactical tensions to transcend the old limitations with innovative new approaches. My holistic approach creates and builds on the strengths of a diverse workforce with a truly inclusive culture, focusing equally on the wellness of the individual and of the team – supporting the deep desire of individuals to make their highest contribution and serving the growth, wellness and performance of the team as a whole, serving all stakeholders, and creating sustainable financial growth, profitability and performance.

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